Tuesday, March 25, 2014


The CG team at Rushes brought to life the everyday urban world around our feet in "Tiny Worlds", a trilogy of short films with a humorous take on what might happen to the litter and rubbish on London's streets when we're not looking.

More Info:

Executive Producer: Norra Abdul Rahim
Producer: Caroline Laing
Production Assistant: Alexina Davidson
Head of CG: Andy Nicholas
Lead CG: Andy Hargreaves
Director: Chris Hutchison
CG Artists: Chris Hutchison, Craig Travis, David Drese, Liam Hoflay, Andrea Scibetta, Nimesh Patel
Nuke: Noel Harmes
Flame: Martin Goodwin
Sound Design: Tom Martin @ Mcasso


Thursday, January 30, 2014

TedsDay - Animation basics: The art of timing and spacing

Expert timing and spacing is what separates a slide show from a truly amazing animation. TED-Ed demonstrates, by manipulating various bouncing balls, how the smallest adjustments from frame to frame can make all the difference.

Lesson and animation by TED-Ed.

More about Animation Basics on TED-Ed: http://ed.ted.com/series/animation-basics

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Clash of Clans: You and This Army

Supercell, the creators of the game Clash of Clans, lunch the first TV Commercial for their game.

More Info: www.supercell.net

Monday, January 27, 2014

Talks - Those crazy 'Croods' go to the Oscars

Co-directors/ co-writers Chris Sanders (left, in the video below) and Kirk De Micco pulled off the impossible at the Oscars. They managed to win over the snootiest group in Hollywood to nominate their film about cavemen barbarians  – "The Croods" – for Best Animated Feature.

More Info:GoldDerby

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Studio Aka: TSB: The Story

A delightful 2.5min film about the Reverend Henry Duncan and the history behind the building of the TSB bank.

The result of a collaboration between STUDIO AKA's MARC CRASTE and DAMON COLLINS at JOINT, the film reflects the historic values of TSB's founder and his drive to enable ordinary working people to overcome poverty.
Combining the hand crafted artistry of 2D character animation within a stunningly integrated use of 3D CGI sets, the journey through time is reflected in the film's opening shot; an unbroken take which lasts a whopping 95 seconds.

More Info: Studio Aka